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Damianitza AD offers subcontract manufacturing for 2019 grape harvest

Do you want to get the best from a particular vineyard? Do you want to be sure that wine is made exactly and only from your vineyard? Do you want to hire a good winemaker but this is too costly? You still haven’t built the winery of your dreams?

This is our offer for you:

Grape sorting prior to vinification;
Fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control and capacity appropriate for the particular grape batch.
Wine matures in air-conditioned premises for casks or in a tank with temperature control.
Preparation for bottling/packing in Bag-in-box – clarification, stabilization, filtering.
Standard consumables for winemaking
Bottling /packing in Bag-in-box (vacuum filling unit and corking unit, de-aerating section, option for screw caps BVS-standard)
Winery has equipment for making high quality white, rose and red wine, well equipped quality control laboratory, qualified staff experienced in process control and meeting the highest standards for quality management ISO 9001.
We offer flexible agreement options according to the client’s requirements and the chosen style of wine.

Nadka Karagogusheva
Tel: + 359 746 30090 ; + 359 88 824 1566